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Downloads Software

Note : Star(*) denotes all files you have to download for new installation.
Team Setup
Video tutorial for how to install software ?
Hardware Required
Wamp Server 2.0.i (wamp.exe) *
Wamp Settings *
Complete Setup - With Token Genrate Software (fullsetup.zip) *
Client (For New Panel -- allfiles_new.zip) version 5.0
Display (display.zip) *
Port Driver (t.zip) *
Token Generate Setup Version 4. - (For New Panel(newtoken_new.zip) version 5.0 *
(This software is used for normal machine.)
  1. Sounder.zip
  2. SayStatic.zip
  3. Libmysqldll.zip
Unzip Software (unzip.exe)
Sound Files (beep.zip)
Graphics Driver
(Display Driver.)
N-vidia 7X Driver
(Display Driver.)
N-vidia 8X Driver
(Display Driver.)
I/O Card Driver (w35.zip)
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